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House Security Checks

If you are traveling at any time and leaving your property unattended, you definitively should have someone stop by and do house security checks!

Paskapoo Pet Services provides a reliable, professional and insured House Security Check service for your Peace of Mind, even if you don't have pets.

We perform House Security Checks on residential residences, luxury estates and acreages.

Our service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Indoor and outdoor visual inspections

  • Window and door checks

  • Vehicle and garage checks

  • Furnace, water tank, and appliances checks

  • Indoor temperature checks

  • Mail, flyer, and package pick up

  • Watering indoor/outdoor plants, flowers, gardens and greenhouses

  • Light maintenance of the hot tub and pool

  • Indoor and outdoor lights rotation

  • Toilet flushing and faucet running

  • Garbage bins

  • Light maintenance of ponds

  • Bird feeders and baths

  • Emergency visits in case of an alarm or bad weather

  • Snow shoveling of driveway, front steps and sidewalks 

  • Coordinating repairs and emergency services in case of a disaster or a break-in. 

A Report with a GPS tag, comments and photos/video is accessible online after each visit for insurance purposes.

We can do daily visit as well as every-other-day, bi-weekly, weekly and on demand!

Contact us today to get started! 

* General lawn maintenance is not included.

Our current rate starts at $36.75 per house security check for up to 30 minutes of care.


Additional time available. Holiday fees may be applicable.

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