How does it work?

We understand that hiring a pet sitter or a dog walker for the first time can be confusing. Let's see how we can help you!  

First, what are you here for?

I want someone to come to my house.
I want my pets to stay at someone else's house.
Are you located within our Area of Service?
Yes                 No
Is it for a dog or a cat?
Yes                 No
Alternative solution!
Please check the Pet Sitters International website to find a professional pet sitter or dog walker near you!
Visit the page for the service you are looking for!
Contact us with your needs and dates of service. We will get back to you right away!
We will proceed with your Initial Consultation to get everything ready! 
Unfortunately, we do not board cats and new dog clients at the moment (booo!). 
Contact us with your boarding dates. We will send you more information right away!
Book your pet's stay with Paskapoo!
You can leave for work or your vacation! We'll take care of everything!
We will send you a daily report card with a personalized note and photos from your pets!
Need to book again? (heck yeah!)
Send us an email or log into the booking portal. It's that easy!