Small Pet Boarding

Paskapoo Pet Services is one of the rare professional pet sitting company offering LICENSED and INSURED boarding for small pets in a highly safe, supervised and quiet environment. The care is provided by mature professional pet sitters, who's full time job is to care for animals. The quality of our boarding services exceeds everything else you will find in town. 

Boarding is a great option for clients who live outside of our area of service or do not wish to have a pet sitter coming into their home. 

We provide boarding care for bunnies*, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, gerbils, betta fish, and small reptiles.

As demand is currently exceeding capacity, we are not able to accept Bunny Boarding inquiries from new clients for the time being. If located within our Area of Service, we will offer Pet Sitting as an alternative. 

We have lots of options for bunnies, lots of room for guinea pigs, and customized escaped-proof palaces for hamsters and gerbils.

Because all these pets have specific needs, we send an Information Package to all new clients inquiring about services. 

Our boarding location is located in Sage Hill NW.

Our boarding service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Keeping your small pets safe in our home until you return

  • Additional cages, condos, play pens and “palaces” for our boarding guests

  • Human interaction and play time (certain conditions apply)

  • Cleaning up cages and enclosures

  • Feeding, fresh water, veggies and treats as per instructions



We do not board dogs, ferrets, cats, hedgehogs, snakes, large reptiles and birds. We will gladly offer pet sitting (in home) visits for these pets depending on location.


As of September 1st 2021, all bunnies boarding with us MUST be vaccinated for RHDV/RHDV2 (Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus). Date is subject to change if RHDV cases are reported in Calgary, or if an outbreak is declared in Alberta over the summer. 

Additional notes:


  • Clients are expected to respect the agreed drop off and pick up times for their pets. Late fees will apply for late clients.

  • We offer long-term (+1 month) boarding under certain circumstances.

  • We always fully book during Holidays and over the summer. Please, inquire early to secure a space for your pets!

Our rates for House Security Checks

Our current rate starts at $8.00/day for small critters up to $22.00/day for bunny condos.


Additional fees may be applicable. Many options available! Ask for a quote for multiple pets.

Free Information Package

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