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Cat Eyes

Cat Care Services for Clients in Senior and Retirement Residences

With years of experience in providing specialized care, we understand the unique needs of seniors and their feline companions. Our expertise extends to working with seniors, including those with dementia, ensuring a compassionate and tailored approach to cat care.

Our comprehensive Scope of Services for clients and their family members in senior and retirement residences includes:

  • Regular Litter Box Cleaning

  • Water, Food, and Cat Wellness Checks

  • Detailed Reporting with photos through our app

  • Pet Taxi and Pet Concierge Services

Our rates start at $31.50 per visit depending on the scope of work and frequency of visits. 

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs!

Cat and Book

We understand that feline companions are so important!

The joy and comfort provided by a cat contributes significantly to the well-being and quality of life for seniors in retirement residences. Cats provide companionship, routine, and emotional support. The presence of a beloved cat fosters social interaction, a sense of security, and a connection to past memories, enhancing overall happiness in the new living environment. 

Stressed Man

We offer relief for family members!

We provide consistent and reliable care, even when family members may have other responsibilities and time constraints. Hiring us helps lighten the caregiving burden on families, preventing burnout and maintaining a healthy balance.

Woman with a Face Mask

We take Covid-19 very seriously!


Despite the lifting of mask mandates in senior and retirement residences, your loved one's safety remains our top priority. We are committed to always wearing masks when visiting, ensuring a secure environment for both your family member and their cherished cat.

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