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At Paskapoo Pet Services, we are much more than just pet sitters! We offer a wide range of additional services for our clients. 

Read below to find out more! 

Pet Taxi


Paskapoo Pet Services offers Pet Taxi for animals, for before-and-after boarding, as well as for groomer and vet appointments. 

Please note that this service is not a good fit for pets who experience car sickness or destructive behavior while inside a vehicle. We are not able to do transportation to and from the airport.


Pet Taxi is available for existing clients only.  

Pet Concierge and "Bon Retour"

“Bon Retour” is an exclusive service offered by Paskapoo Pet Services!


Nobody likes to come back home from a long trip to an empty fridge! Let us extend your vacation a little bit longer. We’ll fill up your fridge with milk, juice, croissants and fresh fruit for your return.


Let us also take care of buying the dog food, the cat litter and picking up the medication at the vet clinic! Just send us a list!


Cat Litter Box Cleaning

Are you pregnant or not physically unable to clean your kitty litter boxes? 

Let us take care of it! 

Emergency Assistance

Do you need someone to be at home to open the door to the furnace repairman while you are away? Do you think the stove is still on after you left for the airport? Give us a ring! 

This service is for existing clients only with keys on file. 

Key Service

Uh! Uh! Did you lock yourself out? Your digital lock ran out of battery and we're the only ones with a physical key? Give us a ring! 

Our rate for special services starts at $36.75 per occurrence. 


Hourly rate of $57.75 per hour for emergency assistance and veterinarian visits. Extra fees may apply for evenings and weekends. 

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