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Unraveling the Costs: Understanding the Rates of a Professional Pet Sitter.

Understanding the rates of a professional pet sitter

Being a pet owner comes with endless hours of joy and responsibility, but there are still times when we need to leave our beloved pets in the care of a professional pet sitter. For people who have never used or hired a professional pet sitter before, or who have always relied on their friends and neighbors to care for their pets, the rates that they charge can often come as a surprise, if not a shock. In a big metropolitan city like Calgary, a professional and insured pet sitter can easily charge from $25 to $50 per visit (or walk), depending on the scope of work, driving distance, medical care involved, and other factors.

While many people might think that pet sitting is a simple and easy job (is it?), it's essential to recognize the various factors that contribute to the rates charged by these professionals.

In this article, we'll delve into the behind-the-scenes costs that pet sitters incur to provide top-notch care for your pets.

1. Time spent with the pets

First and foremost, a professional pet sitter will charge for the time they spend at their clients' home, taking care of their pets. The scope of work includes following specific dietary and medication instructions, engaging pets in play and physical activity, cleaning cages and litter boxes, and so much more! Professional pet sitters will also ensure that the home is secure, by checking that all doors and windows are locked every time they visit. They may also bring in the mail and flyers to give the home a lived-in appearance.

A profesional pet sitter taking care of an orange cat

2. Experience, reputation, education and certifications

The experience of a professional pet sitter will have a significant impact on their pricing for various reasons. As a pet sitter gains more experience, they develop advanced skills and expertise in handling different types of pets and dealing with situations for each of them. They are also better equipped to handle unexpected emergencies or health issues that may arise while caring for pets. Their ability to provide high-quality care and address any issues that may arise can justify higher rates.

Experienced pet sitters often have a proven track record of satisfied clients and positive reviews online. Their reputation for reliable and attentive pet care can lead to increased demand for their services, allowing them to charge higher prices.

Value-added services such as bringing in mail, watering plants, or providing basic home security checks, can lead to higher pricing or extra charges over their basic rates.

Belonging to professional organizations like Pet Sitter International, or obtaining certifications in pet care (Pet First Aid, CPPS or Fear Free, among many others available) demonstrates a pet sitter's commitment to their profession. Membership fees and educational expenses are part of the investment they make to enhance their knowledge and skills.

3. Vehicle & Transportation

A pet sitter driving to a client's home.

It is no secret that a reliable means of transportation is crucial for a pet sitter to travel to, and between, their clients' homes. The use of a vehicle is often the biggest overhead expense for a pet sitter. The vehicle maintenance and repairs, winter tires, fuel costs, and commercial insurance all add up to the pet sitter's expenses, which are factored into their rates.

As professional pet sitters prioritize the safety, comfort, and well-being of the pets they care for, having a reliable vehicle is crucial for providing quality services. Pet owners should recognize and appreciate the investment pet sitters make in their transportation to ensure their pets are in good hands.

4. Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation

We've always said that if, as a pet sitter, you can't afford liability insurance, then you can't afford to be sued!

Pet sitters need to safeguard themselves and their clients from potential accidents or mishaps that can occur while caring for pets and their clients' home. Insurance coverage and worker's compensation protect both the pet sitter and the pet owner, which contributes to the overall rates. Liability insurance is a fundamental aspect of responsible, professional pet sitting. It shields pet sitters from financial burdens, protects pet owners from liability, and enhances the overall credibility of a pet sitting business.

Liability insurance and Worker's Compensation can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per year for a small business. Pet sitters who offer their services at low costs or on an on-demand app are usually not insured, and pet owners are therefore at risk of unexpected expenses due to a mistake or a negligence from their pet sitter.

5. Administrative tasks, office supplies and tools

Professional pet sitters spend a significant amount of time in their office on adminstrative tasks such as communication with clients, record-keeping, scheduling, invoicing, all of which require time and effort.

Everyday office supplies, phone bills, and computer equipment are essential for professional pet sitters to stay organized and communicate effectively with clients.

Professional pet sitters require various tools and supplies to provide care for pets. These may include paper towels, flash lights, leashes, grooming tools, waste bags, and more!

The cost of the time spent in the office, and the purchase of these supplies, factor into the overall pricing of a pet sitter.

A pet sitter working on their computer

6. Operation Software & CRM

To manage appointments, track and protect client information, and handle scheduling, professional pet sitters often utilize specialized software. It enhances efficiency, improves communication, streamlines business operations, and contributes to a more professional and reliable pet sitting service.

As the pet sitting industry becomes more competitive, embracing technology can give professional pet sitters an edge and help them thrive in their business endeavors. The cost of such essential software or applications is considered when setting rates.

7. Website, Social Media, Marketing & Advertising

Having an online presence is crucial for professional pet sitters to attract clients. Costs associated with website development, hosting, and domain registration contribute to their overall expenses. Some busy pet sitters may outsource certain tasks, such as marketing, graphic design, or social media management. These outsourced services add to the operational costs.

8. Accountant and Other Fees

Running a pet sitting business involves bookkeeping, tax preparation, and legal compliance. Hiring an accountant or seeking legal advice incurs expenses that influence the rates charged by pet sitters.

A pet sitter may need to obtain a business license and/or be registered to legally operate in their area. This license often comes with a fee and ensures they comply with local regulations and standards.

It is also not unusual for pet sitters to incur bank, transaction and processing fees, especially when clients pay with credit cards or book service through an online registry. These fees are directly deducted from the pet sitter's pay. 9. Payroll and Incentives to employees

For pet sitting businesses with employees, payroll expenses, training and incentives can significantly increase the cost of a pet sitting visit or a dog walk. It is not unusual for pet sitting businesses with staff to charge higher rates. The advantage is that these businesses can provide more extensive coverage, allowing them to accommodate a larger number of clients and a broader range of scheduling needs, including during peak times and emergencies.

As you can see, behind every professional pet sitter's services is a network of costs and investments, necessary to ensure the well-being of the pets under their care. Understanding these factors can help pet owners appreciate the value and dedication pet sitters bring to their work.

In conclusion, when choosing a pet sitter, it's essential to consider the level of care, the expertise and the peace of mind they offer, rather than merely focusing on rates.

A cat enjoying the presence of a pet sitter

After all, our pets' happiness and safety are priceless!


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