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The amazing Goldfish Art Aquarium Museum in Ginza, Tokyo

The photo of a goldfish from the Art Aquarium in Ginza Tokyo

In February 2024, my family and I embarked on our 10th journey to Japan, a country renowned for its affection for adorable pets and cute animals. From the renowned Hachiko and Tama, to the charming cat and bunny islands, and the famous hot spring monkeys, Japan's affinity for cute animals is unmistakable. Goldfish (and koi) are particularly known in Japanese culture to symbolize prosperity, perseverance, good fortune, and resilience.


Side note: During each of my visits to Japan, I consistently made it a point to explore locations or attractions associated with animals. In 2019, I ventured to Mount Mitake to explore its shrine dedicated to wolves, a hotspot for Tokyo's dog lovers!

The statue of a wolf at the Mitake Shrine in Japan
A mighty wolf protecting the shrine at Mount Mitake, near Tokyo, Japan.

During this particular trip, we took the opportunity to visit the "Art Aquarium," nestled in Tokyo's upscale Ginza district. This innovative exhibit, also known as the "Ginza Goldfish Art Museum", defies convention by offering visitors a unique blend of Japanese art, technology, and aquatic marvels.

Upon securing our tickets in advance (approximately $25 CAD), we arrived early in the day to enjoy the exhibit at a leisurely pace and immerse ourselves in the serene ambiance.

The museum's displays were nothing short of spectacular, with thousands of goldfish gracefully navigating tanks of varying shapes and sizes, enhanced by dynamic projections and vibrant lighting. Visitors can observe more than 37 varieties of goldfish at the Art Aquarium, some super rare! My favorite varieties of goldfish were the Shubunkin, the Tosakin, and the Six Scales. While photography is permitted at the Art Aquarium, capturing good shots proved challenging... 🤣

During our visit, I observed the fish's health with a keen eye, noting their well-being and the absence of stress-related ailments. However, some tanks did appear overcrowded and lacked enrichment for the fish.

Situated on the 8th floor of the posh Ginza Mitsukoshi Building, the Art Aquarium offers a unique experience, blending aquatic wonders with upscale shopping. Whether you're an aquarium enthusiast like me or just enjoy looking at pretty fish, this museum is a must-visit destination in Tokyo. Don't miss the chance to add it to your itinerary during your next visit to the vibrant capital city of Japan!

Image of a goldfish stuffed toy in different sizes
A little souvenir? ;)


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