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Professional Pet Sitter Week 2023

Last week, Paskapoo Pet Services celebrated Professional Pet Sitter Week 2023 on social media! We published lots of great educational content for our friends and family, covering several topics such as liability insurance, service agreements, education, and how professional pet sitters can play a vital and essential role for pet owners everywhere.

Please read on!


Post #1

We're only a few hours away from Professional Pet Sitter Week 2023!

Professional pet sitters work *so hard* all year long - including all weekends and Holidays! It's nice to have one week in the year where we can pat ourselves in the back!

Paskapoo will be posting a few infographics on social media next week to celebrate PPSW 2023. Be sure to share them with your friends and family!

Countdown to Professional Pet Sitter Week 2023


Post #2

Woot Woot! 🥳

It's Professional Pet Sitter Week 2023!

"Throughout the week, pet sitters are recognized and appreciated for the incredible job they do. For many households, pets are more or less a part of the family. Thus, when pet owners are indisposed, by work or travel, pet sitters are the best bet to give the best care to the pets that are left behind. It is very important work and has become a career worth celebrating."

We couldn't say it better! Cheers to all the professional pet sitters outthere! 🥂

Learn more about Professional Pet Sitter Week here!

Happy Professional Pet Sitter Week 2023


Post #3

Woof Woof! 🥳

It's Professional Pet Sitter Week 2023!

Did you know that references and reviews are NOT enough when you hire a pet sitter?! Let's face it: we have all made mistakes at work at some point. When that mistake involves someone else's property and pets, can your pet sitter afford to financially cover for damage and vet bills? If the answer is no, then as a client, you are taking a huge risk!

Learn more about pet sitting insurance here!

Professional Pet Sitters are covered by liability insurance


Post #4

It's Professional Pet Sitter Week! 🥳

Once her pet sitting visits are completed, Kathleen will join PSI's "2023 One-Day Online Summit for Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers" today! A lot of very interesting topics about pet health will be covered throughout the day!

➡️Because education is a priority for professional pet sitters!

Learn more about the summit here:

PSI 2023 Focus Online Summit for Pet Sitters


Post #5

We're halfway through Professional Pet Sitter Week 2023! 🥳

Did you know that professional pet sitters use contracts and service agreements with their clients? 📑

➡️A proper service agreement for pet sitting will clearly outline the services provided, pricing, cancellation policies, any limitations involved, and other important information about the client and their pets' needs. It is also a legally-binding document, that will protect both the client and the pet sitter!

🔸At Paskapoo Pet Services, we like it when everything is crystal clear. This ensures that we can provide the best care possible, while giving our clients true peace of mind!

Professional Pet Sitters use service agreements with clients


Post #6

It's professional Pet Sitter Week 2023! 🥳

Now, let's address the elephant in the room, shall we? 🐘

If most friends, family, and neighbors loved to take care of other people's pets, a company like Paskapoo Pet Services would be out of business very quickly. The reality is much different though, and that's where we step in! 💪💪💪

While we cherish our friends and family and don't hesitate to ask for a favor from time to time, leave the dirty litter boxes and the extra driving to your professional pet sitter. That's what we do! 😎

Professional Pet Sitters are essentials when friends and family can't help


Post #7

Professional Pet Sitter Week 2023 is almost over! I hope that our friends, family and clients have learned a little bit more about their pet sitter, and the industry we work in!😘

It seems that every couple months, new pet sitters emerge online or on social media, eager to gain their first clients and put their "love of animals" to good use - and that's awesome! 🤩

However, pet sitting also has a reputation of being an "easy gig", or a perfect side-hustle to make a bit of extra cash. Unfortunately, it's when people enter the pet care industry with that mindset that things go wrong.

⭐️We firmly believe that one has to meet a minimum set of criteria, to ensure that your pets and your house is in good hands!

How to know if you are using a professional pet sitter

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